Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to give MaxiGram my Instagram account details?

Yes. We access your Instagram to provide you the service of your choice – whether you choose the MaxiBoost, MaxiPost or MaxiPro plan. Our confidentiality policy is always in your favour - your account is 110% safe with us. If you choose to cancel your subscription we recommend that you change your password as soon as you can, so that we have NO ACCESS to your account anymore.

Can I still use my account while using your service?

Absolutely. Your account is yours. We are here to help you grow. You will be able to access and use your account as you normally would – even if we were using it at the same time!

What happens when I cancel my subscription? 

We will continue to provide our services to you until the end of your billing month. If you want us to stop accessing your account instantly, just drop us an email and we’ll log out permanently.

If I cancel, will my followers disappear?

No. The followers you gain using MaxiGram are yours. The followers you gain chose to follow

you because they are interested in your profile – so they are yours to keep. Same goes for the content we published on your account.

Are your services safe?

100%. Our services work well within Instagram’s constraints and your account is safe while

using our service.

Are the followers real?

Yes, we work tirelessly to get your following to grow organically both in numbers and quality.

What is the difference between MaxiGram’s service and buying followers?

We strive to grow your Instagram presence organically. We work tirelessly to

keep your account active with strategic posts to match your brand while also keeping you engaged within your relevant audience. This way, you’ll start to get real followers.

When you buy followers, you are buying abandoned accounts that bots have taken over. Those

followers do not engage with your posts, but only increase the number of followers you have

posted on your profile. The Instagram community can’t be tricked and people can see right through these tricks. After all, you don’t want to have completely unrelated followers or bots engaging with your posts.

What is the difference between the MaxiPost plan and the MaxiPro?

For the MaxiPost plan, you provide us with all the content (pictures you've taken) and we’ll post them for you at the right time with the right caption and hashtags. For the MaxiPro plan, we will takeover your Instagram from A-Z. All you have to do is watch your community grow. We'll arrange to come in for a photoshoot and take original photos of your product/service, use our magic to fix them, and post them on your behalf.

Do you do custom orders?

If our existing plans don’t match what you’re looking for, or you want to add or remove a thing or two, just drop us a message at the "Get In Touch" section. We will do our best to accommodate and create a custom plan to fit your needs.

I just completed my order. What are my next steps?

One of our representatives will contact you within 12 hours to set up your account and go over your goals. We can do this via phone call, Skype or in person. Please make sure you have provided us with a valid email address.

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